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Touch of Class Dance Studio
Touch of Class Dance Studio

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Touch of Class Dance Studio

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The Building Blocks to Successful Marketing — Itís More than Sales and Advertising

Whether youíre a Fortune 500 company or a one person shop, to be successful, you must have a marketing strategy and you must implement it consistently. However, it doesnít have to cost a fortune and you donít have to be a creative genius.

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"I love my new business card designs, along with all of the other projects you have delivered!”

Debbie Apalucci (Owner/Director)
Touch Of Class Dance Studio

Finley Visual Communications - Clients

John Finley

Finley Visual Communications was founded in 2001, based upon the vision of John Finley. His professionalism has been refined over the past 15 years, in industries as diverse as pharmaceutical, financial, automotive, telecommunications, and mass media broadcasting. The breadth of his experience and unwavering determination gave him the confidence to single-handedly found and build an agency which could competently service a wide variety of clients.

From FVC's simple beginnings as a 1-man operation, John has always strived to maintain excellence in customer service and consistent quality even as we have grown. John's face-to-face approach and keen business sense allows him to quickly identify a client's business needs, pin-point a creative solution and rapidly implement his vision through FVC's talented staff.

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